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Performance Associates uses a number of assessment and analytic tools to measure, analyze and model the current business model to quantify the opportunities for improvement.  While our process is customized for each organization, our change management model aligns the change from the top to the bottom of the organization.  Everyone understands that roles, responsibilities, activities, policies and processes may need to change for improvement to occur.

Inputs, including financial analyses, can use activity-based costing models that determine margin and cost from the company level to the product/service line, sub-product or service line to the individual revenue producers. Confidential management and staff interviews are conducted to help model both the activities performed along with their costs, while determining constraints, bottlenecks and other performance issues or shortfalls.


This process determines the exact origins of performance gaps within the organization. Once the profit leaks are quantified, improvement strategies follow to address organizational goals or performance shortfalls.

PAI then may employ process reengineering technology to dramatically build capacity by reducing non-value added activity, streamlining essential activity and then recycling this capacity into increased quality and/or volumes. This process dramatically reduces cycle time and cost while boosting quality and improved outcomes.

Incongruent information, disparate database access, data integration skills, reporting frequency, and author functional bias all contribute to the status quo. We help identify the performance standards for each functional area which then assists management in bringing up low performers to the staff (peer) averages boosting the overall product/service lines performance. Moving to a congruent data management data management solution accelerates fact-based decision making practices. Real-time dashboards and scorecards enable the entire management team to manage and course correct daily.

This process also identifies the top producers and supports the implementation of pay-for-performance incentives to motivate both average and top performers to attain higher levels of performance.  This also helps organizations boost morale while reducing turnover, especially top performers.

This process defines the critical success factors to meet margin and mission. These key performance indicators are weighted and then integrated into an objective performance review process


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Most organizations struggle with the indirect expense to produce their numerous data sets and their manual integration of GL, Payroll, HR, Legacy Systems and Excel models into their key measures. As a result, data incongruences, reporting latency and the lack of information integration dramatically impacts meaningful decision making.  As part of the above assessment, Performance Associates helps define, develop and model organizational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into the management model. By producing the KPIs, the improvement process continues to embrace the goals of the change process while helping to refine these KPIs over time. Organizational learning and behavioral change need to occur in order to realize sustained improvement.

Our AnalyticsRx cloud-based software solution then provides the platform to integrate these disparate data sets into one integrated database for timely and automated organizational and departmental KPIs.

PAI’s AnalyticsRx, Outcome Evaluator and Performance Manager enable real-time decision making without the manual and expensive process of manufacturing key measures, their inconsistencies and latency.  By providing real-time dashboards and scorecards, management can deal with the facts and change organizational behavior and performance.



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PAI facilitates the process from start to the realization of significant results. This helps management stay-the-course in implementing significant change while endorsing continuous change across the enterprise. We can also integrate peer and national benchmarking into AnalyticsRx dashboards.  This helps management understand what performance levels can be attained thru apples-to-apples comparisons.

New management workflows, supported with real-time analytics, can streamline operations; reduce decision making lag time — all with a leaner management structure.


What attempts have you made to streamline your operations?

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