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While financial statements are critical to measuring the organizations financial health, they are often latent (five – 15 days after the monthly close), utilize straight-line forecasting, and lack drill-down capability to determine product/service lines and individual staff performance.  In the majority of organizations, management lacks the tools to manage in real time, which results in reactive management.

Performance Associates’ Profit Analyzer™ is a customized management tool that gives you an ongoing, accurate picture of the costs and profitability of every area of your business in real-time. It provides you with the performance measures you need to evaluate your company’s success, and enables you to make results-based decisions to achieve continuous improvement.

The Profit Analyzer doesn’t replace traditional financial reports that give the “big picture” of business performance. Instead, it offers you a clear understanding of the actual costs associated with specific profit centers, such as divisions, markets, product lines, locations, sales territories and even revenue-producing personnel.


This results-based management technology helps you understand your net income margins, which are the true measure of your profitability. Using the Performance Manager™, you’ll grow the right part of your business, correct under-performing areas, set accurate performance goals, improve output, eliminate waste, and free up capacity by working smarter, not harder.


The Profit Analyzer presents data in a straightforward manner that is clear and easily understood by everyone. It measures accomplishments –not just activity – and gives an accurate and detailed picture of where “real” profit is made.

The Profit Analyzer is a performance tool that enables you to monitor and strategically manage your company. With this information in hand, you can develop an action plan to grow the right parts of your business and improve or eliminate unprofitable areas. An effective marketing, advertising and sales strategy can then be efficiently designed to support this direction.

If you can’t truly measure the effectiveness of your business, you can neither manage nor improve it. PAl’s Profit Analyzer™ gives you the real-time information you need to succeed.

Would you say that your financials are driven by the actual activity of your organization?

Or are your financials using generalized cost allocations across product and service lines?

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