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Design and Automate Effective Key Performance Indicators

Data Discovery is a process that provides intuitive and actionable information to the right people at the right time to make confident decisions.  Data Discovery provides the ability to synthesize diverse data to uncover insights that can drive dramatic increases in revenue and productivity.

Our team of consultants, business analysts and IT resources facilitate a front-end analysis to define business and data requirements to effectively design and deploy your organizations key performance indicators.

Performance Associates’ AnalyticsRx aggregates data through direct connections to many data sources and formats and optimally displays information for different types of analyses.

Do your C-Level Executives understand the power of Data Discovery to change the way that people work, and how new processes and roles can improve business insight and productivity?

Do your front-line managers have the data analytics to do their job?

What are your Mission-Critical KPI’s and are you measuring and utilizing them effectively?

Do your enterprise software systems require the manufacturing of data by your IT team?  Are these reports timely?  Are they effective in measuring and improving performance?

Do you have the resources to integrate the IT architecture requirements necessary to put data discovery in place?

Do your front-line managers have the data analytics to do their job?  

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