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Defining KPI Applications

KPI Key Performance Indicator Business Internet Technology Concept.

Effective KPIs capture the entire spectrum of customer and business value. By integrating outcomes, quality, productivity, and financial performance measures, organizations can set change in motion to improve and sustain their business model, while improving profitability.

Customer Analytics

  • Churn Rate
  • Active/Inactive Customers
  • Market Segmentation
  • Purchasing Cycle
  • Cross/UpSell Opportunities
  • Customer Satisfaction

Operational Analytics

    • Marketing & Advertising ROI
    • Sales Goals
      • Product & Sub-Product Line Revenue
      • Product & Sub-Product Line Margin
      • Sales Hit Rate 
      • Sales Cycle Time
      • Sales Backlog
    • Real-Time Commission Scorecards

People Analytics

  • Performance Management Automation
  • Customized by Function
    • Comparative Team Analytics
      • Performance Standards — Group Average
    • Objective Performance Reviews
    • Weighted Critical Success Factors & Key Performance Indicators

 Financial Analytics

  • Activity Based Costing
    • Product/Service Lines
    • Net Profit Margin
      • Profit & Loss of Product/Service Lines and Sublines
      • Unit Cost
      • Cost per Transaction
  • Dynamic Forecasting
  • Pay for Performance Incentives
  • Sales Commission Automation


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