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Data Driven Marketing Business Turnaround – Commercial HVAC & Plumbing

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This second generation HVAC and Plumbing contractor was surviving but not prospering in this highly competitive market requiring significant advertising investment. While technicians were being productive, travel inefficiencies associated with a wide geography of dispersed customers diluted margins.  The contractor struggled with “How to retain and grow their market share profitably?”

Cutting through all of the vendor advertising hype was another major challenge to overcome managements fear of cutting the Ad Budget would result in lost sales.

PAI analyzed their advertising investment and ROI.  These analyses resulted in a dramatic restructuring of their Ad Spend and incorporated advertising analytics to measure and continuously evaluate advertising spending effectiveness and future investment.  PAI then data mined the contractors enterprise system and targeted inactive customers along with cross-selling opportunities in their geographic sweet spot.

PAI automated the harvesting of the contractor customer analytics – products and services purchased, customer satisfaction, active customers, and cross-selling opportunities.  Utilizing this gold mine of customers, PAI redesigned the internal marketing process which resulted in sustainable and low cost organic growth.

In the next calendar year, sales increased by 35% while their Ad Spend decreased by 46%.


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