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Data Analytic Reengineering — Industrial Sales

This distributor with nine sales offices serviced steel, refinery, pulp & paper and food processing industries through out North America.  While sales were robust and their product quality met the customer expectations, their on-time delivery performance jeopardized upcoming contracts.

PAI analyzed their workflows and reengineered their processes to drive sales productivity and on-time delivery performance.  Data analytics provided management with the drive to make the recommended workflow improvements and fund the automation process.  

PAI created a sales portal for technical field sales team and inside sales that automated and expedited the quotation process which included 3rd party vendor bids.  Sales dashboards were developed that provided the status of each quotation, by product line, by vendor, by salesman and customer.  This process also automated their manual sales commission process.

These distributor improvements resulted in large and expanded contract renewals while dramatically increasing profitability.



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