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Outcome Evaluator

Data for Routine Outcome Measurement Measuring outcomes in behavioral health is an extremely challenging process. Ease the pressure by utilizing evidence-based instruments, satisfaction surveys and customized assessments. Make outcomes simple, meaningful, and integrated into daily workflows, supervision sessions, and performance reviews with Outcome Evaluator. Outcome Evaluator is a standalone program, or interfaces and enhances our …

Performance Manager

Define HR Success in Real Time Introducing Performance Manager – the first and only quantitative-based performance management software system guaranteed to improve your bottom line. Performance Manager takes the guesswork out of HR and gives you a powerful tool to effectively deploy, manage, and incentivize your team, eliminating bias and soft performance measures. Performance Manager …


Putting Your Data to Work AnalyticsRx was built upon more than 35 years of consulting and broad industry experience to integrate best practices into a customized, action-enabled, cloud-based software solution. In this compliance-driven, pay-for-performance and regulatory environment, you need a trusted ally like AnalyticsRx. Improve efficiencies and quality outcomes – and ensure the health of your bottom …

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