Data-Driven HR

Pay for Performance™ – Medical Practice Case Study

Challenges  The office of Philip A. Gelacek, M.D. & Associates, PC was facing a series of challenges common to many of today’s medical practices: Enhancing the quality of patient care, while offsetting the impact of rising costs and lower reimbursement rates Attracting, retaining and rewarding skilled clinical and support staff Implementing succession planning Boosting retirement …

Improving People Productivity – Your Most Important Asset

Improving productivity requires a strategic and systematic approach to achieve significant and long-lasting results.  Productivity first requires effectiveness (doing the right things) in strategic management, operating and innovative work and then efficiency (doing the right things well). Effective performance management systems enable ongoing productivity improvement by reconfiguring and redirecting the employee mix (i.e., activities, roles, …

Making the Business Case for Data-Driven HR: The People Analytics Revolution

  With mounting pressures to link HR investments to business outcomes, the datafication of HR via people analytics has become a top priority for many HR organizations today. Yet many organizations are unsure how to move forward with this important initiative or how to make the business case for it. According to a new study …

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