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Improving People Productivity

Improving productivity requires a strategic and systematic approach to achieve significant and long-lasting results. Productivity first requires effectiveness (doing the right things) in strategic management, operating and innovative work and then efficiency (doing the right things well). Effective performance management systems enable ongoing productivity improvement by reconfiguring and redirecting the employee mix (i.e., roles, competencies …

Steve Blaney, Principal, Performance Associates

As a principal and co-founder of Performance Associates, Steve Blaney helps companies achieve success in their markets by working better, faster and smarter. Unlike academicians offering untested theories, Blaney employs a unique blend of over 35 years real-world consulting experience along with automated best practices to develop customized solutions that help each organization reach its …

Change Management

  Productivity initiatives frequently fail to meet business goals such as increased customer satisfaction, enhanced customer service, growth in revenue, cost improvements, reduced overhead, improved margins, and new strategic or management initiatives. This failure does not imply that the new and improved thought processes and technology were flawed; rather, it demonstrates that unless an organization …

Better and Different

Steve Blaney, principal of Performance Associates, has helped to formulate and apply many of industry’s most effective productivity and quality tools in their role as a senior consultant with the renowned Westinghouse Productivity and Quality Center (WPQC), one of the first such think tanks in the world. Today, the Performance Associates portfolio spans a wide …

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