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Data Driven Marketing Business Turnaround – Commercial HVAC & Plumbing

This second generation HVAC and Plumbing contractor was surviving but not prospering in this highly competitive market requiring significant advertising investment. While technicians were being productive, travel inefficiencies associated with a wide geography of dispersed customers diluted margins.  The contractor struggled with “How to retain and grow their market share profitably?” Cutting through all of …

Data Analytic Reengineering — Industrial Sales

This distributor with nine sales offices serviced steel, refinery, pulp & paper and food processing industries through out North America.  While sales were robust and their product quality met the customer expectations, their on-time delivery performance jeopardized upcoming contracts. PAI analyzed their workflows and reengineered their processes to drive sales productivity and on-time delivery performance.  …

Pay for Performance – Hospital Owned Physician Practices

While these hospital-Owned Practices consisting of 29 doctors servicing ten locations produced large volumes of Inpatient Referrals, these practices were highly unprofitable. “Somehow, it’s become acceptable that, ‘Well, you’re going to lose money on physician practices and you try to explain that to your board.’ John Lewis – President & CEO, Armstrong County Memorial …

Pay for Performance Safety Program – Petroleum Distributor

Fleet and liability insurance pollution and liability coverage represent significant costs to petroleum distributors.  Insurance coverage is based upon the fleet size, distance travelled, number and size of claims and insurance reserves.  If a hauler becomes high-risk, they may not be able to be insured or only by spending two to three times in premium …

Pay for Performance™ – Medical Practice Case Study

Challenges  The office of Philip A. Gelacek, M.D. & Associates, PC was facing a series of challenges common to many of today’s medical practices: Enhancing the quality of patient care, while offsetting the impact of rising costs and lower reimbursement rates Attracting, retaining and rewarding skilled clinical and support staff Implementing succession planning Boosting retirement …

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