Sustainable Advantage Begins with Your Business Model

Designing an Innovative Business Model

A recent survey found that the majority of senior managers favored new business models over new products and services as a route to competitive advantage. An innovative design can create a new market or exploit existing markets. Performance Associates understands that even the most subtle changes, where your competition doesn't act, can result in a sustainable performance advantage.

Defining Business Models

A profitable business is the best indication of a viable business model. But over time, changes occur that threaten business model sustainability – such as commoditized products, declining sales or margin erosion. Redesigning and innovating business models that are future-ready has become a top executive priority.

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Business models

Building a Data-Driven Business Model

Often, the management decision process is burdened with manual development of static or even non-existent key performance indicators (KPIs) that result in going with your gut. Effective management of business models requires real-time and integrated data analytics. Performance Associates’ proven data analytic solutions empower businesses and organizations to make real and lasting improvements in their processes, products and people without the huge upfront investment of building an in-house IT infrastructure – with full implementation in four to six weeks.

Choosing the Right Mindset

Pittsburgh-based Performance Associates has been assisting all types and sizes of businesses and organizations optimize their business models with expert consulting and data-driven analytics for more than 35 years.

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