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Steve Blaney, principal of Performance Associates, has helped to formulate and apply many of industry’s most effective productivity and quality tools in their role as a senior consultant with the renowned Westinghouse Productivity and Quality Center (WPQC), one of the first such think tanks in the world. Today, the Performance Associates portfolio spans a wide range of industries and businesses worldwide — from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profit organizations.

Go Further

Now you can take your organization further – and achieve more – than you’ve ever thought possible. Without increasing your investment or resources, you can improve your business performance, provide new challenges for your top performers, and deliver more of what your customers need and want. 

Performance Associates can help you to:

  • Increase market share, grow revenue and increase margins
  • Raise productivity and lower costs
  • Improve customer relationships, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Empower your employees to reach new challenges

We work closely with you and your staff to evaluate and challenge your strategic direction, market position and work practices. Together, we redirect underutilized or misallocated capacity and manpower to the areas where they will produce the greatest results.

Taking an Unsentimental Look at Your Business

Many businesses, in fact, are busy doing the wrong things – dedicating manpower, resources and management priority to areas that don’t provide an adequate return on their investment. Typically, those who are closest to the work don’t have the objectivity to evaluate the situation effectively. That’s where we come in. PAI’s performance, productivity and quality experts work with you and your employees to evaluate every aspect of your business. We take an unsentimental look at your product lines and activities to define the performance capacity of your organization. We also compare your revenue streams with their true costs. Non-value-added work is eliminated. Essential work is simplified. And newly freed-up capacity is channeled into productive activities.

Ensuring Lasting Improvements

Unlike many consulting groups, PAI works with you throughout each stage of the evaluation, implementation and measurement process. We define what needs to be done, help you do it, and measure the improvements made. Our turnkey process goes far beyond the analysis and reporting stage to effect real change throughout your organization. We help you to transfer ownership of the organizational change to your employees, to ensure lasting improvements in activities, practices and processes. With your involvement, we embed effective performance measurement into your management process, providing a lasting mechanism for continuous improvement.

If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Many organizations continue to conduct “business as usual,” even though some systems or processes have become unnecessary or unproductive. In fact, today’s businesses typically dedicate as much as 55 percent to 80 percent of their product or service’s cost structure to non-value-added activities. This “drain” on people and systems pulls critical resources away from where they can have the most significant impact.

What percentage of your organization’s time is spent doing non-value-added activities? 


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